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Volume III - Issue 1:  January 7, 2005
Published by:
Christopher Aust, Master Trainer

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Christopher's Drool

Hi Gang!

Well, I hope everyone had a great Christmas. I am currently still trying to figure out how to operate an Easy Bake Oven I bought for my daughter. I am not sure what possessed me to think this was a good present to buy a five-year-old girl. Well, that's not true. It was a beaming little face looking up at me with those big eyes going, “Daddy please!” On the up side, I guess I won't have to worry about not having little cookies and cakes sitting around the house.

I was sent an article published in a newspaper a week or so before Christmas that was saying what a great last minute Christmas present a dog from a shelter was. I was so appalled at this article I nearly had a stroke. Being me, I sent an email to the reporter who wrote the article with my usual “flair.” I believe I wrote in the subject block “Are You on Crack?”

He wrote me back and after a series of emails back in forth, I believe he has changed his position on the issue. The thing that really disturbs me now is this man was very intelligent and truly believed he was going to help some dogs by writing his article. While I have known we need to educate more people on responsible pet ownership, it really struck me just how desperate this education has become.

Now, most of you here understand this as I have been writing about it for months. Beyond that, most of you are real dog people who take the time to keep yourselves informed on the issues. I think this is what sets us apart from the average people out there who do have dogs.

With this in mind, and seeing as this is the time of year for resolutions, I want to give you one to consider. I want everyone out there to make an effort to educate others about responsible pet ownership and looking to their shelters first when deciding to obtain a new pet.

There are several ways this can be done. You can donate to organizations that actively promote and have educational programs like Paws for Change. Volunteer at a local shelter or rescue, and talk to potential adopting families. Talk to neighbors, coworkers, family members, your book club or at civic organizations. If each of our members talked to just two people a month, imagine the mass of people we could reach.

The Paws for Change calendar is still available and we have quite a few orders. If you haven't seen them yet, they are very high quality filled with pictures of rescued dogs that are just incredible. Lets face it, we all need a calendar so why not get one that helps the furkids. Go check them out at:


Keep those letters and suggestions coming. They are greatly appreciated.

Okay, that's it for now. I'm outta here!



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Noni Juice: Quality Supplement or Snake Oil?

When I was a K-9 officer, I was really into working out and staying strong. It was really a necessity being vertically challenged as I am. There are a lot of really big whackos out there and I, for some reason, had the strong desire to come home unscathed at the end of each shift.

I was actually really good about watching what I ate and looking into natural supplements to help keep me strong, recover from injury, and maintain my energy level. I probably tried every new supplement that came out on the market that ensured it would provide all the things I needed.

Unfortunately, most of the supplements I tried fell into the snake oil category. They either didn't do what they said, did it marginally or caused other issues/side affects that weren't mentioned on the labels. I mean hey, who needs hair growing there?

While I continued to work out fairly regularly until a few years ago, I decided the food I put in my gullet was the most important thing I could do and gave up on the supplement game other than your normal multi-vitamin. It seemed to do the trick for the most part.

I guess about nine years ago, I started to really look at the foods I was giving my dogs. Before that, I knew my dogs needed quality food, but I left it to the kibble companies. I had always bought “premium” kibbles but really was a little lame as to what quality really was when it came to dog nutrition.

Now, I feed my dogs cooked food. I know that sounds like a real pain in the rear, but it really isn't that bad. It actually costs me less than a high quality kibble and only takes me about an hour a week to put it all together. The dogs love it and are obviously healthier as a result. Well worth the effort.

Okay, so what does this have to do with the title of the article? Just be patient, I am getting to that.

About a year and a half ago, I met two ladies who kept telling me about this wonderful supplement called Noni Juice. They told me how it would boost the immune system, help control diabetes, improve cancer recovery/growth and could even be used topically to heal cysts and lesions on our dogs, just to name a few. Beyond that, it could not only be used on dogs but cats, horses, rabbits, and yes, even people!

Now, I have to admit my first thought was snake oil. Another product making enormous claims about all it could do for our pets. However, I had great faith in the words of these two ladies and said I would at least look at it and see what I thought. And I did. For almost a year I read up on the product, read numerous studies and talked to people who had been using Noni. I was surprised at what I found.

What is Noni Juice?

Noni, also known as Morinda citrifolia, is a tropically grown fruit from the Rubiaceae. The ripened fruit has a green, translucent, bumpy skin. It grows naturally in several areas of the South Pacific, particularly Tahiti and French Polynesia. Historically, natives have used the plant for a wide range of ailments to include diarrhea, tuberculosis, rheumatism, jaundice and female issues, to name a few.


Scientists have catalogued over 150 nutraceuticals found in the fruit. Included in these are some of the most powerful antioxidants known, such as: proanthocyanadins, anthocyanadins, vitamin C and many others. Antioxidants are molecules with extra electrons that stabilize disease causing free radicals that randomly bombard the body's cells. Antioxidants have been shown to help build up the immune system and help the circulatory, digestive, nervous system and skin.

There are several other substances the juice naturally contains that have proven to help the body promote cellular health and rebuild cell damage. If I were to go into it all, it would probably take weeks and weeks to get through it all. Instead, I think I will just point out the case studies.

The Studies

There have literally been dozens and dozens of studies conducted by doctors and institutions around the world about Noni. For this article, I am only going to focus on case studies relating to dogs. If you are interested in the studies relating to other animals and people, they are out there on the internet for you to explore.

Dr Gary Tran, DVM has administered Noni to over 10,000 patients during his 26 year career in medicine. He has treated dogs for cancer, allergies, urinary tract infections with blood in the urine, seizures, anemia, flea allergies tumors and congestive heart failure. Some of these were treated with Noni alone and some were healed with a combination of Noni and other holistic supplements and dietary changes. He states he has over a 90% success rate treating these issues with Noni. That is pretty incredible.

In one case, a 12-year-old Schnauzer named Stoney had been suffering from severe arthritis for almost two years. The dog was placed on a quarter ounce of Noni on his food once a day. Within ten days, the dog was able to jump up on the couch and began running around like a puppy again.

In another case, a Shar pei named Empris developed a bump on her nose. The owner took the dog to two different vets, both of whom conducted biopsies and recommended surgery and chemotherapy. The owner went to a third vet who recommended the dog go on Noni. In a little over a week, the bump was gone and has not come back.

Now does this mean the cancer is gone? I don't know, but the dog is still kicking and there are no signs the cancer is there either. It seems to me to be one hell of an alternative to surgery and chemo.

Show Me

Now after reading tons of these types of cases I was getting pretty convinced. However, I was born in the “Show Me” State of Missouri and figured before I said anything, I was going to have to try it myself. So, I ordered a couple bottles.

First, I gave it to a couple of friends to try as well as giving it to my dog and cat. I was amazed at what I saw.

My dog had a urinary tract infection I had been treating with organic cranberry juice with little results. Every time she was picked up or startled, she would leave a little dribble. After a week on the juice, the infection was gone completely. Additionally, she is eating better, more energetic and just seems a lot happier.

My cat had a sore on her side from a tussle with one of the neighborhood cats that was getting infected. I applied it to her a couple of times topically, and it, too, healed in record time. It was quite incredible.

The friends who tried it also reported an increase in energy, more restful sleep and relief from aches in their joints. All swear they will continue to take the stuff for the rest of their lives. I decided it was time to try it myself.

Normally, I wouldn't talk too much about my personal health issues, but for this, I believe it is necessary. A few years back I snapped my knee and had to have a complete ACL reconstruction. This, of course, made jogging and exercise something that was difficult, if not impossible, at times. As a result of this, I have loaded on a few pounds in the last few years, which has led to a recent diagnosis of extremely high blood pressure.

Now I go through the VA for my medical treatment and the clinic I go to doesn't have a pharmacy. They said I would receive my meds in the mail within a week and told me to come back in three weeks to have my blood pressure checked again. After two weeks I hadn't received my meds. This was really why I started taking the Noni. I was a little freaked out over the whole thing.

When I went back in to have my blood pressure checked again, I hadn't taken the meds yet and had only been on the two ounces of Noni juice once a day for four days. My blood pressure had dropped 10 points both top and bottom which was double what the doctor had hoped to see on the prescription!

Beyond that, I started to notice the arthritis in my knee was not giving me nearly the trouble it usually does. I was able to go up and down the stairs much easier and during a recent trip up to the snow, I didn't experience any of the extra pain that extreme cold weather usually brings to my knee. I couldn't believe it.

Personally, I'm sold. I will continue to take it myself and also give it to my animals. They are energetic, healthy, and I know this stuff is going to help to keep them that way.

Now, I want to make something clear. I am not saying this is a cure-all. You should still consult your vet if you think your dog is sick or injured. I do believe it is probably the finest all-in-one supplement and disease preventative out there. An ounce of prevention (Noni) goes a long way, and if you have had a dog get sick recently or one that has a chronic condition, you know how expensive that can be.

Before I go, I want you all to know something else. I don't sell Tahitian Noni Juice myself. I am receiving no payment for my endorsement of this product. I wrote this because I believe in the product, and I feel it will be beneficial to your furkids.

I talked to the woman I get mine from (you can't buy it in stores, and if you see it in a store, it is an inferior copycat product, in my opinion) and she offered to give wholesale pricing to all Bark and Scratch members for the next three months. For readers not in the US, she offered to try to find a distributor in your area that might be willing to make the same offer. This is a heck of a bargain, so take advantage of it while you can.

She is also willing to answer any questions you may have about the product and will even cover the cost of the call in the continental US. If you would like her contact information, shoot me an email, and I will send it right out to you. If you are ready to order now, you can call toll free 1-888-869-9254 and give them distributor number 1978203.

As always, I rate the products I review. Tahitian Noni Juice gets five big puppy kisses. The very best I give.

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Quote of the Week

Not Carnegie, Vanderbilt and Astor together could have raised money enough to buy a quarter share in my little dog.

~ Ernest Thompson Seton ~

Mail Bag


I couldn't agree with you more about the training gear available out there. Most of it is way over priced and garbage on top of that. I wouldn't mind spending a little extra if it was good quality that will last. What line of gear do you recommend?

M. Kelleher

I have received many letters like this is the last few weeks and have been looking at several different lines. Right now, there really isn't one out there that is both high quality and reasonably priced. However, I am still looking into this and will be back with you all soon on this issue. Stay tuned!



Shiba Inu
Shiba Inu

The Shiba Inu is an ancient breed that was originally brought to Japan from China approximately 2000 years ago. It is believed that six breeds were used to develop the Shiba Inu, including the Chow Chow and Kyusu. Some of the breeds are now extinct.

The Shiba Inu is the smallest of the Japanese Spitz type dogs and is currently one of the most popular dogs in Japan. They have been quickly gaining in popularity in the US and Europe as primarily companion animals. They were originally bred to flush game fowl and hunt small animals. The word Shiba literally means both “small” and “brushwood” and Inu means “dog.”

The Shiba is a small, compact, agile furry dog that looks like a miniature Akita. It has a pointed face, broad forehead and triangular pricked ears. The eyes are small and dark. The teeth should form a scissors bite. The nose is dark. The Spitz-like tail is thick and strong curling over the back and carried either in a ring or with a sickle curve.

Though all colors are acceptable, the plush double coat most often comes in red, or red with a little black overlay, or black with tan markings. The dog should have white or cream-colored markings on the cheeks and sides of the muzzle, throat, underside and chest. White is also permitted on the legs, tail tip and above the eyes.

Despite this breed nearly became extinct after World War II, the breed preservation program established did a fine job ensuring this breed genetic or health issues. Some lines have shown hip dysplasia and PRA, and a few have been reported to experience slipped kneecaps. They range in height from 13-16 inches (33-41 cm) and weigh from 18-30 lbs. (8-14 kg). They have a life expectancy of 11-15 years.

The Shiba has a clean, coarse, stiff, short-haired coat that is easy to groom. Brush with a firm bristle brush to remove the dead hair, and bathe only when absolutely necessary as it removes the natural waterproofing of the coat. This breed is a seasonally heavy shedder.

The Shiba will do fine in an apartment if given sufficient exercise and are fairly active indoors. In warmer climates they should be exercised in the cooler parts of the day due to their dense coat. Ideally, they should have a small yard to roam in and patrol, however they have a strong desire to be with their family so I wouldn't recommend them for someone looking primarily for an outside pet.

The Shiba Inu is independent, bold, alert and brave dog yet very affectionate to its owners and handlers. They are very much a large dog in a small dogs body. They are extremely fast, agile and playful and train relatively easy if done so with a confident hand and rarely bark excessively.

They should be well socialized to other small animals and “strangers” from the time they are puppies because of what they were originally bred to do. They can be aggressive with dogs of the same sex but this too can be worked out with early socialization. They are generally reliable with children of all ages and will make a child a good companion and play buddy.

While they are easy to train, training should be started from an early age. They can be a little unreliable off leash, so a strong and structured obedience regimen should always be practiced. If started early enough, this problem too can be relieved, particularly if the obedience is coupled with plenty of exercise.

While they can be a little hard to find, the Shiba Inu makes an excellent choice for just about anyone looking for a companion dog. Their charming personalities and expressions will warm your soul on the coldest of days and bring you years of joy and happiness.

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Joke of the Week

Mind Games Dogs Play With Their Humans

1. After your humans give you a bath, DON'T LET THEM TOWEL DRY YOU! Instead, run to their bed, jump up and dry yourself off on the sheets. This is especially good if it's right before your humans' bedtime.

2. Act like a convicted criminal. When the humans come home, put your ears back, tail between your legs, chin down, and act as if you have done something really bad. Then, watch as the humans frantically search the house for the damage they think you have caused. (Note: This only works when you have done absolutely nothing wrong.)

3. Let the humans teach you a brand new trick. Learn it perfectly. Then, when the humans try to demonstrate it to someone else, stare blankly back at the humans. Pretend you have no idea what they're talking about.

4. Make your humans be patient. When you go outside to go pee, sniff around the entire yard as your humans wait. Act as if the spot you choose to go pee will ultimately decide the fate of the earth.

5. Draw attention to the human. When out for a walk always pick the busiest, most visible spot to go poo. Take your time and make sure everyone watches. This works particularly well if your humans have forgotten to bring a plastic bag.

6. When out for a walk, alternate between choking and coughing every time a strange human walks by.

7. Make your own rules. Don't always bring back the stick when playing fetch with the humans. Make them go and chase it once in a while.

8. Hide from your humans. When your humans come home, don't greet them at the door. Instead, hide from them, and make them think something terrible has happened to you. (Don't reappear until one of your humans is panic-stricken and close to tears).

9. When your human calls you to come back in, always take your time. Walk as slowly as possible back to the door.

10. Wake up twenty minutes before the alarm clock is set to go off, and make the humans take you out for your morning pee. As soon as you get back inside, fall asleep. Humans can rarely fall back asleep after going outside. This will drive them nuts!

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